‘Gangsters and Gunslingers’ at the American Museum in Britain

american museumGangsters and Gunslingers is the American Museum in Britain’s showcase exhibition for 2013.  The exhibition brings together two mythic moments in the history of the United States that shaped America’s national identity: the Wild West (mid 1860s to the late 1880s) and the wild years of the Prohibition/Depression era (1920s and early 1930s). Each epoch produced legendary characters who have become famous and infamous: Buffalo Bill, Calamity Jane, Bonnie and Clyde to name but a few.  These characters were immortalised (sometimes accurately but often with many artistic liberties taken!) through the movies produced by Hollywood and also the dime store novels.

The Museum is able to showcase many interesting objects reflecting these two key periods in America’s history through the generosity of the collector David Gainsborough Roberts, who had previously partnered with the Museum on their 2011 exhibition “Marilyn – Hollywood Icon”.

Video created by Bath based Animated Magic (www.animatedmagic.co.uk)

“To create the film we firstly interviewed the Director Richard Wendorf, the Curator Laura Beresford and the Collector David Gainsborough Roberts, and edited one hour of footage down to 5 minutes of interesting and entertaining information about the exhibition and some of these key notorious figures in history.  A creative and humorous intro and outro were developed using After Effects, to pique the viewer’s interest.  Many hours went into making all the footage and images look beautiful, as well as selecting engaging and evocative music and sound effects to go with these images.

“The Director and Curator were delighted with the results, and the film will now be displayed on the Museum’s home page for the remainder of the year to entice potential visitors.  It will also be kept as a record of the exhibition.”


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