Eat Bath With Simi: Episode 2 ~ ‘Rhubarb’

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 12.11.09Bath On TV joins forces with local food enthusiast, cookery teacher and organic food advocate Simi, of Simi’s Kitchen, for its series ‘Eat Bath With Simi’. In each episode, Simi will be sharing some of her favourite foraging finds in and around Bath and demonstrating how they can be used as tasty ingredients.

This week, we head to Bath Organic Group Community Garden where Simi has grown some rhubarb – perfect for a crumble!

Simi’s Bath Rhubarb Crumble for two:

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 12.15.30Recipe & notes
“When I need a pudding there is nothing more homely and comforting than a good British pud.  Crumble is an excellent example. It can be made with most seasonal fruit which you can bake such as apple, pear, plums and nectarines.”Be generous when you are making a crumble so that it all mounds up in the dish before it goes in the oven as when the fruit cooks it drops down. The basic recipe is a simple dish so I’d advise you to use the best quality butter, flour and seasonal fruit you can afford. As always with my recipes, feel free to vary the ingredients or flavouring such as sugar or vanilla to your taste.”

400g Rhubarb a bit more or less won’t make a huge difference
10 – 40g sugar (depending on how sweet you like it).
For crumble:
100g flour
50g unsalted butter
30g sugar
Optional extras:
30g oats
4 / 5 little knobs of butter, to go in with the fruit.
10g demerara sugar for crunch in topping

When available a little bit of fresh sweet cicely. This aniseed scented herb is used to reduce amount of sugar needed with sour fruit such as rhubarb & gooseberry.Method:
Butter a small oven proof dish.  Chop the fruit, add the sugar then add the optional extras if you like, that is: vanilla, tiny pinch of salt, knobs of butter and sweet cicely into the dish. For the topping, in a bowl gently rub the butter and flour together, add the sugar, optional demerara sugar and oats. Pour the crumble topping onto the fruit without patting it down. Put in a 180 c fan oven or 200 c non fan oven for 30 – 45 mins until it is bubbling and slightly golden. Enjoy on its own or with cream or custard.

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